Learn How to Defend Your Faith

Pastor Bucey will begin a new adult Sunday school series August 11, 2013. Please join us following the morning worship service and fellowship time to learn how to defend your faith. This series is planned to last approximately 12 weeks.

In part 1, we will explore the who, what, and why of apologetics. Apologetics is about defending the all-encompassing truth of God and his Word. With that in mind, we’ll learn what it means to look at all of life through the “spectacles of Scripture.”

In part 2, we will lay a foundation for apologetics by studying several important theological topics that inform how we should think about defending the faith. This won’t be merely an academic exercise; these are Biblical answers to basic questions like “Who is God?,” “Who am I?”, and “What is my relationship to God?” We will speak about God’s being and how he makes himself known through revelation. We’ll also study the nature of man and the effects of sin before turning our attention to the challenges of reaching fallen men and women.

Finally, in part 3 we will turn our attention to apologetic method by asking how we can defend the faith in a way that is most faithful to Scripture. We will look at the differences between classical, evidential, and presuppositional apologetics. We will also suggest several strategies for interacting with different people. We will conclude our study by looking closely at the apologetic method Paul uses in Acts 17 before we rehearse sample dialogues of our own.

This course is for people new to the faith as well as believers who already have a background in Reformed Christianity. It’s applicable to the student dealing with tough questions from classmates and teachers as well as the adult watching the evening news or even the philosopher thinking in his study. There is something for everyone. Our goal is to provide each person with the tools to defend the faith according to Scripture and with confidence.

You can download recordings of the lessons or listen online. We also have a podcast feed for this series.

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